Malifaux Gets a Case of the Gremlins

July 10, 2012 by dracs

Wyrd Miniatures have published an image of a new oriental style gremlin for Malifaux, getting ready to get out there and make some mischief.

Malifaux - Gremlin

This great sketch of this green goblin of the far East (does that make him a Mogwai?) looks ready to make some serious mayhem. I love the expression of evil glee on his face.

Along with this Wyrd Miniatures have two new pieces of artwork which are now available as desktop wallpapers.

Malifaux - Dance into the Fire

Wyrd Miniatures - Guild Wallpaper

Now you can sprews up your PC to reflect the twisted madness which is Malifaux.

Does this artwork leave anyone itching for more Malifaux? What are your impressions of the game itself?

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