Malifaux Brings the Thunder!

August 6, 2012 by dracs

Wyrd Miniatures have published images of the latest Malifaux miniatures to be appearing in plastic. Check out these oriental style minis for a group named simply The Ten Thunders!

Malifaux - The Thunder Box Set

Malifaux - The Ten Thunder Archers

Malifaux - Yamaziko

Malifaux - Oiran

I think you will agree when I say that these are looking amazing. Each miniature looks like it will have a brilliantly dynamic stance as well as generally being a god sculpt and I cannot wait to see these things in the flesh.

Of course my love of ancient Asian aesthetics may be blinding me a bit. The only complaint I might have is why does Oiran wear high heels in combat? I don't know I have never worn high heels, but I doubt they help much in a melee.

Wyrd Miniatures have also published images of their new Special Edition miniatures to make us all jealous.

First is the Hanging Tree.

Malifaux - Hanging Tree

This rather grissly miniature includes the hanging bodies of two members of Wyrd Miniatures, Eric and Nathan. I just hope it doesn't give Warren and Lloyd any ideas of what to do next time I'm late with my articles.

Next we have the mysterious Miss Terious, the female Death Marshal.

Malifaux - Miss Terious

This er... lovely lady is the Malifaux special edition sculpt for the year. For any orders over $100 made at GenCon, either at the booth or online, this mini will be included in the order. For free. Free.

Finally we have another lady you do not want to mess with, Santana Ortega.

Malifaux - Santana Ortega

This miniature will be an extra little perk for all the Wyrd Miniatures "henchmen", although it could become available to the public in the future by way of tournament prizes etc.

Well I think you will agree when I say that these a marvellous menagerie of miniatures, perfect for your menacing Malifaux warbands.

Are any of you itching to get your hands on any of these? Is there any one of these that you like in particular?

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