Malifaux Magnify Your Shiny Syndrome With A Miss Model!

August 1, 2013 by brennon

Wyrd Miniatures have been previewing more and more content for Malifaux over the past few weeks and this one has been no different. Check out the Miss Model for Gen Con alongside some more artwork for the boxed sets below...

Malifaux Miss Model

She is certainly a more brutal looking miniature! It's almost like the Star Trek Borg Queen got tired of only having two legs and sprouted two more for the fun of it. Some people have expressed their sadness at it not being a more pin-up style miniature but I think this is pretty awesome. It will certainly be interesting to see it in the flesh with all those spindly parts.

Arsenal Box Neverborn (Wave 1)

Arsenal Box Resurrectionist (Wave 1)

As well as this two new Arsenal Boxes have been previewed for both the Neverborn and the Resurrectionists. Down at my local gaming club I have been tempted by Malifaux but I just don't know where to start to be honest. Maybe with the 2nd Edition of the game coming out so soon I will be drawn into this web of darkness!

Will you be picking up their new Miss?

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