More Malifaux Previews Of What’s To Come From Wyrd!

March 18, 2015 by brennon

As if Monday wasn't bad enough for the wallets of Malifaux fans we've found another batch of images showing off some more of the new models coming your way from Wyrd Miniatures.




Desolation Engine

All of this is of course looking very creepy and right up that weird alleyway that Malifaux walks. I think the Crooligans are at once an interesting and incredibly awesome looking box of miniatures but I also feel sad for them too! In comparison we have something as howling mad as the Desolation Engine and Abominations which both look insane!

Merris Lacroix

Moon Shinobi

On the Gremlin side of things we get a look at some of the individual units that make up that rather neat box set we saw earlier in the week. While I'm not a fan of the Moon Shinobi I do recognise that they are very awesome - I just don't like the style. Merris Lacroix is also a very cool sculpt but just not the kind of Malifaux crew I'm looking for I don't think.

Katanaka Snipers


Rogue Necromancy


Void Wretches

Things then take a dark turn again with the addition of these lovely creatures like the Void Wretches and the Necropunks! More insane creations from some mad mind no doubt and too many cans of relentless around the sketch pad. As a lover of all things that ooze epic I think I need Ryle in my life and those Katanaka Snipers, while out of faction for me, are begging to be painted up.

Wyrd seem to be doing everything right with the development and artistic side of Malifaux so lets hope they can get this stuff into the hands of retailers sooner rather than later!

Which is you favourite set?

"Wyrd seem to be doing everything right with the development and artistic side of Malifaux"

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