Malifaux’s Gremlins Celebrate Easter On A Fearsome War Rabbit

March 31, 2015 by dracs

The Gremlins of Malifaux have decided that their usual War Pigs just aren't seasonal enough and are switching mounts for Wyrd's April Easter Sale. Behold the mighty War Rabbit!

War Rabbit

The Gremlins of Malifaux seem to be a  fantastic excuse for the Wyrd sculptors to let their silly side run wild. In this case, they have come up with a monstrous bunny that looks like it would throw a Holy Hand Grenade right back.

War Rabbit Front

War Rabbit Side

We tend to see a lot of themed seasonal miniatures, but I have to say that this is one of my favourites. You cannot look at this without grinning, especially at the Gremlins on its back, which look to be having a whale of a time.

While I do like the miniature for the Gremlins' War Pig, I think I prefer this variant and I hope that someone comes up with some fan rules for it, rather than always keeping it as a proxy.

War Pig

Think you will celebrate Easter Malifaux style this year?

"You cannot look at this without grinning."

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