March Wyrd Games Pre-Orders: Get Started With 3E Malifaux!

March 2, 2022 by fcostin

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It's a new month of Wyrd Games releases. This means lots to look forward to this March, delving into some new board and miniature, dark and gritty goodness. The end of March sees a series of releases for leading miniatures title Malifaux, with a second print run release for Vagrantsong if you did not get a chance to delve into the spooky cooperative boss-battler. Pre-orders are up at your FLGS Stores and online, so let's take a look at what we can expect nearer the end of the month:

Neverborn Starter Box - Malifaux

Neverborn Starter Box- Contents // Malifaux

Kicking off with a new starter box for those looking to join Malifaux - whether you are looking for an excuse to join 3E or want to horde all of the Malifaux minis. The dark and twisted Neverborn are receiving a starter set this month, with everything inside to kick off battles through the breach with four miniatures, a Fate Deck, General Upgrades, Markers and a Measuring Widget to keep track on the table.

If you have been put off by Malifaux due to the finicky building aspect - all of the miniatures in this box come preassembled. So if you have been tempted by like likes of Malifaux and want to dip your toe into the title, along with the upcoming release of the Neverborn Starter Set, The Bayou, The Outcasts and The Explorer's Society all have starter sets released too. All include preassembled models to get painted up and to put on a base of your choice.

Along with the core release of the Neverborn Starter Set, there are three new boxes containing new miniatures and Master designated keywords spanning across multi-factions. There are new characters looking to join your crew.

Self-Made - Malifaux

Self-Made - Contents // Malifaux

Starting off with the Self-Made Set, players will gain access to three new miniatures that provide new ways to play masters. Focussing on The Explorer's Society, The Ten Thunders and The Outcasts, with Dr McMourning (Insanitary), Corpse Curator and Lucas McCabe. Focusing on the keywords, Experimental and Wastrel.

All The World's A Stage - Malifaux

More Neverborn Masters in the second Malifaux box, with All The World's A Stage. The Arcanists join in on the hustle with three new terrifying ways to play masters, with Pandora (Tyrant-Torn), Dorian Crowe and Colette Du Bois (Smuggler), falling under the keywords Woe and Performer.

Protected Domain - Malifaux

Protected Domain // Malifaux

The final Malifaux minis to be headed to retail are Protected Domain, bringing the marshlands and natural world to the frontline with a Neverborn and Bayou Box. Containing three new miniatures and a new way to flex some masters. With the Keywords Pig, Sooey and Fae, Ulix Turner atop of a Prokbelly Protector, Erymanthian Boar and Titania (Autumn Queen) will be joining the roster.

Vagrantsong - Wyrd Games

The second print run of Vagrantsong is coming too! So if you missed your chance to get a ticket onto a spooky train of neverending peril, Wyrd is releasing their second cohort of the title to ensure that everybody can cooperate as they step into the role as Vagrants upon a supernatural, haunted train.

Players can now get their hands on last month's releases for Malifaux - Monstros and They All Fall Down the along with The Other Side models, Samantha Thrace and Binh Nguyen after a long lead up of teasing from Gen Con limited prereleases, previews and preorders.

Is there anything tempting you this month from Wyrd?

"All Malifaux Starter Sets come pre-assembled so you do not have to worry about finicky assembly!"

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