More Menacing Malifaux Appears This month

April 17, 2013 by dracs

Lately, we at Beasts of War have started to really get into the game of Malifaux. So imagine our excitement when Wyrd Miniatures unveiled what has to be some of the most disturbing additions to the game set to be released this month!

Wyrd - Ama No Zako

Wyrd - Toshiro

These new minis draw heavily upon Japanese and South-east Asian folklore, which can be pretty weird and twisted in its own right. Ama No Zako, for example, is based upon a monstrous goddess who apparently came into being when another god vomited her up.

However, there is one which puts even these too shame in terms of its disturbing nature. A miniature based on one of my favourite monsters of all time, Yin the Penangalan!

Wyrd - Yin the Penangalan

The Penangalan is a truly monstrous creature. During the day it walks around as a normal human. At night, however, its head detaches from its body and flies around looking for prey, its internal organs trailing beneath it. So it will fit right into Malifaux.

Yin and Toshiro will be joining the Resurrectionist cause, while Ama No Zako will be among the Outcasts. It certainly looks as if my Death Marshals are going to be kept busy.

Give us your thoughts on these nightmarish Malifaux minis.

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