A Mysterious Hooded Figure Rides Down the Streets of Malifaux

July 20, 2014 by dracs

With the announcement of the new Malifaux sourcebook I am really excited about the new developments we're seeing from Wyrd Games, an excitement that is only increased by the two latest concept art pieces that have appeared.

First up is the Hooded Rider.

Hooded Rider

Every faction seems to be getting some form of horseman of the apocalypse style rider. This Hooded Rider is a particularly menacing example. If I was to take a guess, I would say that this is for the Neverborn, given the twisting mane of snakes sprouting from the horse's back.

Even if this rider isn't for the Neverborn, that faction of monsters isn't going empty handed as the other concept art piece that has appeared features a daemonic creation called Lelu.


Lelu here is pretty much the stereotypical image of a daemon and I look forward to finding out exactly what its backstory in the game might be. However, given his design I could easily see him being used in other games as well, particularly Hell Dorado, for which he is perfectly suited.

What do you think of the latest two occupants of Malifaux?

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