October Welcomes New Eccentric Characters To Wyrd’s Malifaux

October 5, 2017 by brennon

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Wyrd Games has released some cool new models for the world of Malifaux this month beginning with the fantastic looking Nekima leading the way.


This version of Nekima is an alternative to the one you might be used to but shows this daemonic lady flying forth, sword in hand, ready to cleave you in twain. I think the model has a great sense of motion and is no doubt going to be an utter pain to stick together as well.

Backing her up with some more releases for Malifaux we also have this mighty engine of war and sorrow known as Talos. It would be neat to try and paint this to actually make it appear hollow with the poor man trapped inside it.


Keeping with the style of brutal overseers we also have these Crime Bosses. It's kinda cool that we have both male and female versions for you to use on the tabletop. You could imagine them working in the background and weaving all kinds of nefarious plans.

Crime Bosses

Last but not least for October we have the Thalarian Quellers who are working some eldritch magics on the tabletop. I really like the female model in this set, the flames weaving their way around her hand as she casts a spell.

Thalarian Quellers

What do you think of the new releases for this month in Malifaux?

Drop your thoughts below...

"...shows this daemonic lady flying forth, sword in hand, ready to cleave you in twain"

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