PlastCraft Bring Color-ED To The World Of Malifaux

July 3, 2015 by brennon

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PlastCraft Games have continued to grow their ColorED range of buildings which allow you to bring a bunch of pre-coloured and easy to assemble buildings to the battlefield with minimal effort. See what you think of their new Malifaux range...

PlastCraft - Designed For Malifaux

Headin' To The Swamps

The range of new terrain not only gives you the look of a small abandoned train station out in the middle of nowhere but also the needed bits and pieces of terrain for making a swampy location packed with walkways and ramshackle huts.

Malifaux Train Station

Malifaux Terrain (Inside Terrain)

The big central building that you see in the main pictures is shown open here with a cavernous interior. I like that you've got a lot of room inside there to play around and hide from your foes too! There are also smaller buildings that you can see above too.

Malifaux Terrain (Building Detail)

The buildings have a very blocky quality to them and while we don't know how easy they'd hold up to weathering they provide a nice simple and effective addition to a tabletop. I can imagine these going well with the Terraclips landscapes that you can pick up already.

We're also a big fan of these walkways which give you some much needed elevation in games of Malifaux. I think this adds another degree of realism to proceedings and provides you with some cinematic moments too.

Malifaux Swamp Walkway

Malifaux Swamp Walkway (Detail)

In gameplay terms this also means that you have to make a choice. Do you go over the easy to navigate walkways or trudge through the swamps below hoping to avoid the enemy.

Malifaux Terrain (Railway Siding)

It also looks like PlastCraft are going to be making some more of their scatter terrain which helps create a nice looking lived in board. I think this is what brings a good gaming table up towards greatness. There's nothing worse than barren streets and empty fields.

I think we're in for a bit of a treat!

"I think this adds another degree of realism to proceedings and provides you with some cinematic moments too..."

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