Thunder Unleashes The Story Of Raijin For Malifaux

June 7, 2022 by fcostin

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Wyrd is announcing more sinister and mystifying characters making their way over to Malifaux. The pool of crews to select from is widening, bringing a tale of folklore and terror with The Story of Raijin.

Story Of Raijin Render - Wyrd Games

Story Of Raijin Render Preview // Wyrd Games

The Story of Raijin doesn't just start with a hero pose, this upcoming character comes crashing through to the beat of a drum. Stories of folklore and ancient wisdom are told to be buried in the Library of All Things. Among the rare artefacts, sits a mystical drum enchanted with a wondrous tale full of battle, angst and pain:

"A story of two brothers, one a lord of wind and the other a lord of storms. One chose to protect their emperor with thunder and lightning while the other refused. This defiant decision split the brothers, and a war in the sky echoed out for centuries." - Wyrd Games

Story Of Raijin Artwork Preview - Malifaux

Story Of Raijin Artwork Preview // Malifaux

Each artefact, like this drum, does not just lay all willy nilly all over the place! They are kept in hiding, with librarians having knowledge of their location. One librarian, in particular, has harnessed the power to generate these stories into a reality. To use them for their own purpose of protection. Beating the drum, and pulling the story of two brothers alive from the pages.

Malifuax Card Preview - Story Of Raijin

Malifaux Card Preview // Story Of Raijin

Alongside previews of the renders and artwork, we also got a look into the card for play in Malifaux, throwing some extra might into The Ten Thunders.

Facing the elements and hard to pin down, the Story of Raijin can send opponents deafened by their fate of destruction by the beating drum surrounding them. Brining a force of thunder and wind onto the table, his deity-like abilities will send opponents fried and distanced, holding a comfortable stance of chaos.

I absolutely love the concept of the Story of Raijin. If we are looking into more stories for Malifaux to bring to life, I wonder whose story we are to see next!

What do you think of the Story of Raijin?

"Brining a force of thunder and wind onto the table..."

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