It’s that Time Again! Bring on the next Malifaux Wave

February 16, 2012 by brennon

Yep you read it right, another wave of Malifaux releases are ready to bit the boards from Wyrd Miniatures. Check them out below and see which of them is your favourite.

Bete Noire Alternate

Brutal Effigy

Carrion Effigy

Jaakuna Ubume

Lilith Alternate

Lilith Avatar of Nature's Malevolence

Nicodem Alternate

Nicodem Avatar of Decay


Indeed that's quite a few new models from the people at Wyrd Miniatures, and all painted and looking superb! I have to say my leaning this wave is towards the Nicodem alternate and avatar, great character in those models.

What's your favourite?

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