Win Malifaux Goodies In Flowers & Showers Painting Contest

May 6, 2021 by fcostin

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It is Springtime, and it seems that the current painting contest that Wyrd is holding right now is fitting perfectly in theme with the current state of the weather here in England! Yes, lots and lots of random showers. But I am British, we enjoy moaning about the weather. It is merely something we have built-in to our demeanour.

Flowers And Showers Painting Contest // Wyrd Games

The Flowers and Showers Painting Contest is now live on the Wyrd Forum, and you get a chance to win some gift cards, cash and even a free Nightmare Box of your choice for winning.

There are multiple different layers to the contest, awarding both for an individual miniature along with a whole diorama - so depending on how ambitious you are - there are certain rules that painters will need to follow to be involved in the spring-themed event.

Can you guess what you may need to incorporate? Considering the title of the competition is "Flowers & Showers", you can bet for sure it is not going to be gore themed... As there are two categories this year, Wyrd is providing in-store vouchers for first, second and third prizes for both single miniatures and dioramas, which are voted and decided by the community members of the Wyrd Forum. But what is the catch? What is the theme?

Players will need to incorporate one of the two themes provided. The shower or the flower:

The shower partition of the competition will require the painter to include rain in their model. Whether this is some water droplets, soaking wet clothing, you name it... I am sitting here thinking what kind of water-themed effects could be created!

The flower theme of the competition will require the painter to incorporate festive flowers into their design. Not flower, flowers, plural! Meaning that painters could incorporate the theme of floral spring into their base, their mini or some other imaginative form.

Brine and Bones Nightmare Edition // Malifaux

But not all hope is lost if you wanted to get your hands on a prize, as the six above (first, second and third in each category) are not the only prizes up for grabs! The Wyrd Staff are getting their votes in too, not just leaving the forum to their own devices. "The Best of Flowers and Showers" award will receive $100 cash prize which will be sent over via Paypal, and the "Best of Wyrd Miniature Entry" will see players with their own personal choice of an available Nightmare Edition Box for Malifaux.

If you want to check out the ongoing progress or even enter the competition yourself, head on over to the Wyrd Forum to see the Wyrd community thrive during this springtime event.

What ingenious "rain" ideas could you incorporate into your miniatures? 

"There are multiple different layers to the contest, awarding both for an individual miniature along with a whole diorama..."

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