Wyrd Bring New Gunslingers & Basing Options To Malifaux In June

May 16, 2017 by brennon

Wyrd Games are going to be bringing more Malifaux goodness to your tabletop in the month of June and that means plenty of craziness. We'll start with the more mundane releases including the Bandidos...


These are some awesome looking gunslingers, pretty much sculpted to be spot on with the artwork which you see here. I love that the majority of the models in the box are female too, a great step in the right direction, and looking excellent to boot.

I particularly like the kneeling figure with the goggles on her head, she certainly went to 'action hero' school.

Fiery Fury

Matched against them we also have Carlos Vasquez here who looks like he's ready to burn something down.

Carlos Vasquez

Now that is an impressive model that I would imagine is going to be a pain to put together. However, once you've got the model standing up properly you're going to have fun painting up that swirling flame around him and maybe adding some tattoos to his back as well.

Skittering Monsters

When it comes to the monstrous side of things for Malifaux we first look to the mechanical with the Iron Skeeters.

Iron Skeeters

Those are some ingenious gremlins working away on some very delicate looking mounts. Something about them gives me a Saturday morning cartoon vibe as if they'd be hunting down the heroes, cackling as they d0.

Embracing the realm of Fantasy and magic we also have Yasunori here too. Now that's a colourful model!


It's like an Asian version of a Pegasus crossed with a Dragon. I like the sound of that. The rider is also in a fantastic pose, weapons at the ready to bring down his opponents and he flashes by.

Wyrdscape Bases

As well as the models that you see here they are also working on some sculpted bases for you to put these models on. They come in 30mm, 40mm and 50mm sizes and look perfect for creating little dioramas.

Victorian Ruin Base

Here we have two examples including the Victorian Ruins above and the Sewers below, each of them a masterpiece in their own right.

Sewer Base

Graveyard bases are also on the cards and if you're interested in seeing more of the designs you can follow the link through to their previews HERE.

What do you think of their June offerings?

"...they are also working on some sculpted bases for you to put these models on"

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