Wyrd Let The Cat Out Of The Bag For Their Nightmare Edition Box Set

July 11, 2017 by dracs

For this week's Monday preview, Wyrd have revealed their next Nightmare Edition Box Set. Check it out, but be careful. Curiosity Killed The Cat.

Curiosity Killed The Cat

The Curiosity Killed The Cat set is a new Nightmare Edition alternative of Hamelin's crew set, but instead of spreadign plague through the vermin of the city, we get to play as a truly crazy cat lady.

The Plague Cometh

This new Nightmare Edition box set will be available at GenCon, letting you be the cat who got the cream (cat puns are fun).

Will you pick this up at GenCon? Which set do you prefer? Hamlin's original box, or the new Nightmare Edition?

"Letting you be the cat who got the cream..."

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