Wyrd Games Show Off Malifaux Releases For September

September 8, 2020 by brennon

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As always, the team at Wyrd Games have a fun bunch of releases for you to check out this month. September brings a bevvy of different options for use in Malifaux so make sure to dive in and check out the various characters and creatures that will be making an appearance.

Kirai Core Box - Malifaux

Kirai Core Box // Malifaux

One of the big options this month is the Kirai Core Box here which comes with plenty of ghostly additions to your tabletop force. If you like the idea of introducing more evil spirits into your games then this might be worth considering, especially with that massive Ikiryo there who is destined to get painted up in proper spooky fashion.

You've also got the rather aptly named Study Group which is packed full of monstrous creations which I'm sure were fascinating to study...from a certain perspective.

Study Group - Malifaux

Study Group // Malifaux

This set comes with some very creepy individuals and I am particularly drawn to the mass of flesh and iron that is the Students Of Sinew. They seem like the kind of creatures you'd see in wild horror movie, hunting you down through the bowels of some creaking mansion.

Switching tack a little you've also got the Between The Ley Lines boxed set...

Between The Ley Lines - Malifaux

Between The Ley Lines // Malifaux

...where Hannah Lovelace gets to unshackle herself and go wild with her massive walker in tow. I don't think I'd like to be on the other end of those fists when she gets angry. You also get a pair of Librarians who are very firm about what happens when you don't pay your late fines.

Sticking with the same faction we've also got these exceptionally cool Dead Outlaws. Who could say no to undead cowboys?

Dead Outlaws - Malifaux

Dead Outlaws // Malifaux

There is a lot of motion mixed into these miniatures and I love that we've got them "on the draw" so to speak and also fanning the hammer to blast away their foes. I even love that we've got a miniature with arrows still stuck in him, a perfect way to demonstrate how he might have died and also his resilience on the tabletop!

One of the fun sets for this month is also Things That Go Bump!

Things That Go Bump - Malifaux

Things That Go Bump // Malifaux

I don't think you'll be wanting to introduce this to the tabletop if you're an arachnophobic individual! I love the Bandersnatch in particular who is leering up ready to pounce and drag that poor fellow away into the darkness.

The Brood Mates set also gets a little devilish with some awesome Nephilim for you to introduce into your games.

Brood Mates - Malifaux

Brood Mates // Malifaux

Lilitu and Lelu both look awesome and you could have a lot of fun with the paint schemes here. The box art shows them as red and blue and I bet you could do some fun things with their skin colour and clothing swapping between colours to show them as a little bit of a package deal.

If you fancy blasting things away or beating it up with your martial arts skills then you've also got the Lords Of War.

Lords Of War - Malifaux

Lords Of War // Malifaux

I love the narrative of the Fuhatsu miniature as he's being held up by desperate pals. It immediately drops you into the storytelling on the tabletop and gives you an idea as to what the character can do on the tabletop. You've also got the deadly Ten Thunders Brothers who look decidedly deadly but in a different way.

It is not pictured here but you can also pick up the War Pigs bundle which introduces some lovely wild options for fans of the Bayou.

Are you tempted by these new Malifaux releases?

"Are you tempted by these new Malifaux releases?"

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