Wyrd Games’ New October Releases For Malifaux Include Mighty Beasts

October 21, 2016 by brennon

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Wyrd Games have shown off the new releases for Malifaux players this month. The focus is on some large beasts that will be tearing their way through crews.

Mysterious Emissary

A pair of Emissaries are leading the way with the Mysterious Emissary lumbering forth from the undergrowth. It's great seeing nature come to life like this in Malifaux as a bit of an antithesis to the Steampunk angle they have elsewhere in the game world.

Following on from him we have the Shadow Emissary who is decidedly more magical looking. A massive dragon is something you're not likely to see in Malifaux but here you go!

Shadow Emissary

These kind of kits show off what Wyrd can do when it come to plastics and while I don't doubt that they're going to be fiddly to put together the end result will look superb.

Keeping with the theme of big beasts we have the Corrupted Hounds leaping their way through the shadows and hunting down your gang members. They have a nice rabid look to them and I actually think the models/renders here look better than the artwork!

Corrupted Hounds

Keeping things within the same faction we also have the Bunraku here. Puppets are creepy at the best of times but now we're seeing them walking around with swords!


This is a very creepy set and I love the posing of the figures which gives them an ungainly and awkward feel. You could just imagine them creaking and clicking their way across the landscape towards you.

We turn to some more 'constructs' of a style with the Survivors. These unfortunate Gremlins look like they've been through the wars and come out the other side with some rather cruel and interesting mechanical attachments.


Whether they wanted to or not it looks like they've been turned into killing machines ready to slice and dice. Once again the character coming through in these models is superb and each model set tells a different story.

Talking of story, we want to know what the story of the Forgotten Marshal is!

The Forgotten Marshal

We've seen a lot of creepy monsters this time around but it's good to see some humans in the mix too. The model looks great with his big cloak flowing about him. Large areas like that could be hell to paint so be careful when it comes to washes and shades here.

If any of you know the stories behind these particular characters make sure to drop them in the comments below and discuss your favourites.

What do you think?

"A massive dragon is something you're not likely to see in Malifaux but here you go!"

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