Wyrd Games Get Set For A Spooky Malifaux Halloween

October 9, 2020 by brennon

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Wyrd Games have a whole range of awesome options on the way for those playing Malifaux in October. With it being a spooky month it seems apt that they should start off with the Witches & Woes Special Edition Set.

Witches & Woes - Malifaux

Witches & Woes // Malifaux

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This is an awesome set which comes with Pandora, the Poltergeist and three Sorrow miniatures for you to use in your games. In a change from Wyrd Games though, this set comes entirely pre-assembled so all you need to do is break out the miniatures and get them painted. This makes this feel like a good gift for a spooky miniatures fan this Halloween!

New Malifaux Boxes

As well as the Witches & Woes set above you've also got a lot of new options for the various factions within the world of Malifaux. The Hoffman Core Box is particularly cool...

Hoffman Core Box - Malifaux

Hoffman Core Box // Malifaux

This set comes with a seriously suped up looking Hoffman and a bunch of mechanical beasts that can serve at your side. If you're interested in adding something a little different into your games of Malifaux then this seems like a great new option.

Another of the bigger boxes we have this month is Protect & Serve.

Protect & Serve - Malifaux

Protect & Serve // Malifaux

Again, we're seeing some seriously powerful mechanical options for the world of Malifaux here. I love those Riotbreakers with their massive shields and big guns at the ready. Every miniature in this set hits the right notes for me and I get a cool Dishonored vibe from them too!

We also have a bunch more boxes for October and we'll list them all here below...

Weird Science - Malifaux

Weird Science // Malifaux

Squealers - Malifaux

Squealers // Malifaux

Slate Ridge - Malifaux

Slate Ridge // Malifaux

Deadly Performance - Malifaux

Deadly Performance // Malifaux

These sets always show just how unique and vibrant the Malifaux world is. There really aren't other miniatures like it out there in the market and it does feel like a game which has something to cater to all tastes. I mean, Weird Science features a Gremlin with a big brain who is tinkering around with all manner of quirky experiments...how cool is that?!

Are you a big Malifaux fan and if so, what makes the game awesome for you?

"Are you a big Malifaux fan and if so, what makes the game awesome for you?"

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