Wyrd Invites You To A Malifaux Beta & Winter Painting Competition!

January 21, 2015 by brennon

Wyrd Miniatures have set up a new forum where you can help them with the Wave Three Beta of Malifaux! This time around you're helping with Book Three and they want your help working out the campaign system which comes complete with character injuries, new upgrades, new weapons and more. There's even new models and stats on the way!

Wave 3 Beta

As well as the help with the new Beta there's a chance to show off your painting skills as well in the new Frozen Moments Painting Contest...

Winter Painting

"It is split into 3 categories Single Miniature, Crew (5 and 8 model including a Master or Henchman), and Diorama (a scene with at least 2 models). All entries must be Wyrd miniatures or scratch built minis in the theme of Malifaux.

You still have over a fortnight to get your entries for the Painting Contest in; as the contest closes on February 6th."

If you have the brush skills then you might want to check this out. The Malifaux range is one of the best looking out there and it really pushes the quality of the painting up too. I've seen some awesome work from people on this range.

Will you be joining in?

"they want your help working out the campaign system"

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