New Releases, Concepts and WIP’s from Wyrd Miniatures

August 1, 2011 by dracs

Wyrd Miniatures have been in a flurry of activity with new concept art, works-in-progress and new miniatures.

Let's start off by taking a look at the concept art, check out these four fantastic drawings.

As always these concepts from Wyrd are fantastic and I especially look forward to seeing which of the two designs they settle on for Collete (the red haired magician girl).

Alongside these concepts are two nicely painted models.

Firstly there's Molly, all I can say is good golly.

Alongside this lovely lady is a model which I think is destined to become a firm favourite of mine, the appropriately named Pigapult!

I just love the pig's evil little grin.

Last, but by no means least, we are treated to two works-in-progress.

These two look particularly promising and I also really like the girl's robotic style wings.

So what's the overall verdict guys? Any of these pieces in particular strike your fancy? Drop us a comment letting us know your thoughts.

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