Things Get Wyrd in this Malifaux Sale

November 29, 2013 by dracs

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Wyrd Miniatures are celebrating Black Friday, Thanksgiving and their company's birthday with a big sale this weekend.

Wyrd Miniatures Sale

This sale gives us explorers of Malifaux the chance to get our hands on a number of pre-releases, including the new compact rules manual and the latest plastic crew box sets and minions.

Rules Manual

Body of Evidence


The Latigo Posse

Sabertooth Cerberus

Wyrd have even dug out a few of their old limited edition sculpts for people to pick up once more, as well as the Carver, a nightmarish sculpt available for the first time.

Nightmare Teddy

Miss Terious


One of the most interesting releases is the special edition crew boxes with the models made from dayglow and transparent materials.

Smoke Oblivion

Now these crews are tournament legal without needing more painting, but I can't help but feel that the painted miniatures look far nicer. No matter how bad a painter you are, a miniature painted with a number of colours will look better and more alive than a lump of coloured plastic.

Finally we have some birthdays exclusives. Should you pay over $100 you will get a free Alternative Perdita miniature.

Alternative Perdita

If you spend over $250 then Perdita will be joined by the new Alternative Santana.

Alternative Santana

With this selection of awesome miniatures now available, will you take the chance to enter the world of Malifaux?

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