Wyrd Prepare for New Board Game as Darkness Comes Rattling

March 19, 2015 by dracs

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We have seen that Wyrd Games have a lot of new goodies coming for Malifaux this year, but they also have a couple of other releases set to appear over the Summer, most notably a whole new cooperative board game. Prepare yourself as Darkness Comes Rattling.

Darkness Comes Rattling

Darkness Comes Rattling is a cooperative board game for two to six players, taking on the role of mighty warriors from the different Tribes of Man as they desperately seek to save their world from falling into corruption and darkness.

Reportedly, this new board game is set in the same universe as Malifaux. It certainly shares the same art style as Malifaux and if it is indeed the same world then I think this may be one of our first glimpses of its twisted history.

Aside from this new board game, we still have plenty of opportunity to explore Malifaux as a new supplement for the RPG Through the Breach is on the way.

Into The Steam

Into the Steam seems to put more focus upon the Arcanists faction as it takes you north of the city itself. The supplement brings with it all new technologies and magics, as well as new options for character creation, including the option to play as a sentient machine. This should really open up the rich Malifaux universe and will make for an entertaining RPG session to boot.

Have you played Through the Breach? How do you think Darkness Comes Rattling will play?

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