Wyrd Release Witches & Wanderers For Malifaux This Month

January 14, 2021 by brennon

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Wyrd Games has a bunch of excellent new boxes dropping for Malifaux this month. There are more strange goings-on with the Resurrectionists and the Explorer's Society getting some releases alongside the Neverborn too!

Zoraida Core Box - Malifaux

Zoraida Core Box // Malifaux

Leading the way and keeping us with the Neverborn, for now, we have the Zoraida Core Box which is packed with creepy looking creatures serving the whims of Zoraida. I really like their twisted take on treefolk with the Waldgeists and I bet Bad Juju is going to be a lot of fun to paint.

There are also a selection of larger boxes alongside the Core Box for Zoraida including the Rank & File set for The Guild...

Rank & File - Malifaux

Rank & File // Malifaux

...and the Residents Of Rottenburg for those playing as the Resurrectionists. Plenty of new gunslingers for Malifaux alongside some shambling horrors which will work as cannon fodder during your games.

Residents Of Rottenburg - Malifaux

Residents Of Rottenburg // Malifaux

The Explorer's Society are now coming out in force this month with the likes of Heavy Metal showing off some clanking and augmented monsters which have been unleashed to crush their foes.

Heavy Matal - Malifaux

Heavy Metal // Malifaux

If you're more interested in the slightly less brutal side of The Explorer's Society then you've also got the Wanderlust set as well. Jessie Halliday makes an appearance alongside the wonderful Bellhop Porter and Alpinist which packs a punch.

Wanderlust - Malifaux

Wanderlust // Malifaux

If you're a big fan of the spooky side of things then we can also return to the Resurrectionists and the addition of the Mourners. I would love to see someone tinker around with the painting of those veils, giving us a peek at what's underneath!

Mourners - Malifaux

Mourners // Malifaux

Finally, we also have the monstrous and devastating Malisaurus Rex who is stomping onto the tabletop.

Malisaurus Rex - Malifaux

Malisaurus Rex // Malifaux

Embrace the spirit of the dinosaurs with this set and make some room in your Explorer's Society warband in order to unleash this weird creation on your friends. Malifaux really is a fantastic game which is packed with alternative and quirky miniatures. If folks around me played this I would certainly have kept up my collection.

Are you going to be checking out this set of releases for Malifaux this month?

"Malifaux really is a fantastic game which is packed with alternative and quirky miniatures..."

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