Wyrd’s Easter Sale Running From March 27th – April 3rd With Happy Little Pigs!

March 26, 2018 by brennon

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Wyrd Games are going to be running their Easter Sale starting March 27th and running until April 3rd. As well as all manner of neat discounts there are three awesome miniatures that are going to be available starting with this Alt Slop Hauler who just made my day.

Special Edition Slop Hauler - Wyrd Games

It's wonderful to see this nod to Bob Ross and I'm sure that a lot of people are going to be having fun painting up this maestro of the brush. It's a little meta to think that you're painting a painter right?

Additionally, they have this awesome Alt Viktoria model who looks so incredibly pleased to be dressed up for the occasion.

Special Edition Viktoria - Wyrd Games

I think of these two versions of Viktoria I would have to choose the one on the right simply because of that 'do I have to?' expression on her face. Priceless. Both of these models and the Slop Hauler are actually going to be available in metal, not plastic, which is certainly something different for the Wyrd crew.

If you spend enough you can also get this version of Lazarus thrown into the mix...

Special Lazarus Miniature - Wyrd Games

If any of you pick up the model for the Slop Hauler, in particular, I would love to see him painted up and shared in our forums. Well, that and the bunny Viktoria!

What do you think of these new limited edition miniatures?

"It's a little meta to think that you're painting a painter right?"

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