Wyrd’s Wave 2 Malifaux stat Cards Now Available to Download

February 11, 2014 by dracs

The Beta testing for the wave 2 of Malifaux's 2nd Edition is done and dusted, so now Wyrd have made all those stat cards available to download.

Lord Chompy Bits

Dismounted McCabe

In this download you will find the stats for models from Rising Powers, Twisting Fates, and Storm of Shadows, meaning that if your faction didn't appear in the Malifaux 2nd Edition Rule Book you will most likely find them here.

The downloadable stat cards are final and tournament legal, missing only the cool artwork of the finished stat cards which should be available in the new arsenal decks appearing later this year.

Have any of you Malifaux players been waiting for this? What have been your impressions of 2nd Edition?

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