Wyrd Games’ Webstore Gives You Nightmares

August 1, 2019 by dracs

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Wyrd are off to GenCon this weekend and as usual they are launching their GenCon Web Sale, which includes the special event-exclusive Nightmare crew set Brine and Bones.

This piratical alternative to Molly Squidpiddge's crew of Resurrectionists instantly caught my eye when Wyrd revealed it earlier. It is so cool! I can only hope they somehow become their own unique crew within Malifaux because I would love to see more for this sub-faction.

Of course, it's not alone as other Third Edition faction core sets have also appeared on the webstore, as well as coming with Wyrd to GenCon.

Unfortunately, the Third Edition faction books didn't make it to GenCon this year due to some unforeseen shipping difficulties, but they have been featured on the webstore.

These are something I am particularly keen to get my hands on as they represent a new direction for Malifaux with this edition.

As usual, Wyrd have got plenty of promotions to go alongside these. Miss Feasance, an alternative to Seamus, will be given out to those who spend over $100.

Meanwhile, an alternative Spit Hog figure will head out to those who spend more than $75 at local game stores.

This second one is particularly good as it is nice to see them encouraging support of local game stores.

All in all, while Wyrd don't have everything they wanted to bring to GenCon with them, they have more than enough new releases to make any Malifaux fan happy. The game remains one of my favourite settings in tabletop gaming to date and I can't wait to find out where the latest edition takes it.

Are you going to stop by Wyrd's booth at GenCon? 

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