A Fortified Terrace & Basing Come Together From Manorhouse

January 13, 2017 by brennon

Manorhouse Workshop showed off more from their growing range of terrain as they put together their Fortified Terrace. With towers, thick walls and gates it looks like a good place to defend if you have a willing garrison.

Fortified Terrace

As you can see it is quite the awesome looking building and it really is a great showing for what their Forgotten Halls range can do. Perfect for Frostgrave perhaps?

Additionally, they have also been working on some nice basing for the building including this large stone floor...


...and the floor tiles which you see here, mixed into the building you see at the top of this story.

Floor Tiles

If you're looking for good dungeons and general bad ass terrain it might be a good idea to keep a look at what's coming in the future for Manorhouse and the Forgotten Halls.

What do you think?

"Perfect for Frostgrave perhaps?"

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