The Play Is The Thing In Mansions Of Madness The Yellow Sign

October 4, 2012 by dracs

Are looking to expand your games of Cthulhu horror in Mansions of Madness? Well why not pick up the new expansion available by print on demand? It's time to investigate even more strange goings on in The Yellow Sign.

Fantasy Flight - The Yellow Sign

Julian Glen, a talented up-and-coming playwright, has penned a work that he claims will be his masterpiece. There’s only one’s turning its audience into mindless fanatics! As some of the few audience members to retain your sanity, you and the other investigators must now work together to find Glen and uncover his true plot.

These print on demand expansions provide a great way to enhance and refresh what is, by all accounts, a really good board game. From new locations to new event cards, this set could be just what you need to get playing Mansions of Madness again.

Have any of you used these expansions before? How do you think this one looks?

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