Mantic Add Sci-Fi Bits & Pieces To TerrainCrate Kickstarter

May 7, 2017 by brennon

The boffins at Mantic Games have added some neat Sci-Fi kits to their TerrainCrate Kickstarter. Take a look at what's on offer...

Sci-Fi Scenery

Here we have one of the Sci-Fi Scenery sets which includes a collection of tables and chairs as well as a gun rack, consoles and even some kind of tank which might hold an alien or something.

You can also get yourself some doors because who doesn't want doors!

Sci-Fi Doors

You just have to make the right sounds when you open these. Cue the Star Trek sound right?

What do you think of their Sci-Fi terrain?

"Cue the Star Trek sound right?"

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