Celestial Warriors & A Ratty Coach For DreadBall With Mantic

December 3, 2012 by brennon

Mantic Games have been showing off some of their upcoming miniatures for both Kings of War and the Sci-Fi Sports Game of DreadBall. First up is a Works-in-Progress for their new angelic forces...

Celestian Work In Progress

Now that's one mighty looking warrior, who reminds me a lot of the sculpts used for Kingdom Death. That is of course, without the added anime tentacles! They are looking to be some impressive models though and if this is the quality of sculpt we can expect, bring on the entire army!

Coach Rat

Coach Rat from the world of DreadBall has also made an appearance, a great coach for the sports game and leader of a very turtle based team I would imagine. Well, that was until the Veer-Myn stole him!

The quality of the sculpts from Mantic Game is certainly ramping up and they are delivering a better grade of model with every new release. I have always said that I didn't really like the style of the Mantic Elves but these new sculpts are fantastic.

What do you think?

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