Command Protocols Escalation Hits Mantic’s Deadzone

May 27, 2019 by brennon

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Mantic Games has expanded upon the world of Deadzone once more with Command Protocols: Escalations. Things are hotting up with new squads and more hitting the battlefield.

Command Protocols Escalation - Mantic Games

This new book features rules for adding ruthless mercenaries into the mix for each of the factions. Plus, you'll also find rules for taking an entirely mercenary squad in the game too. Inside the book, you'll also find rules for multi-mat games which expand your tactical options and ways to include interactive terrain in your games.

The Rebs are also getting themselves a new range of fighters as you'll see in their new Starter Set below.

Reb Alpha Team - Mantic Games

Is that Winston from Overwatch I see there? I think the Rebs have always been my favourite faction from the Warpath universe as you get to paint all kinds of awesome alien characters.

The Veer-Myn have also got themselves some additional support with the Volt Chasers. You can also get yourself a new Starter Set for them too!

Veer Myn Volt Chasers - Mantic Games

Now that is a cool looking new set of models for these epic space rats. I love the way all of these soldiers have been augmented and tweaked to become deadlier killing machines. Of course, if Deadzone isn't your thing you could also take these into Warpath and beyond too.

Another of the Starter Sets is for the deadly Nameless. This alien menace is on the warpath and presents you with a nice evil force!

Nameless Starter Faction - Mantic Games

A few larger creations have also been added into the mix too. The goblins are seriously getting an upgrade!

Big Mechs & Monsters

You will have seen this fellow in render form a couple of months ago but now Bolts is a reality.

Bolts - Mantic Games

This fellow would be a great new leader for your Marauder force, armed and armoured to the nines! I love the idea of this crazy goblin rocking around in a massive suit, especially with the helmet down. You can also get another Stuntbot for the Marauders too.

Goblin Stuntbot - Mantic Games

Last but not least from our picks we also have another beast for the Nameless, the Feromite Prime. This is another tentacle beast from the shadows of space!

Feromite Prime - Mantic Games

There is a lot to be excited about if you're a Deadzone player thanks to Mantic this month. Again, if the skirmishing of Deadzone isn't quite for you there's also the choice of using these in Warpath and its larger battles too.

Will you be snapping up these releases for Deadzone?

"There is a lot to be excited about if you're a Deadzone player thanks to Mantic this month..."

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