Pick Up A New Dwarf Fleet For Mantic Games’ Armada

January 13, 2021 by brennon

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Mantic Games have pre-orders up and running for the Dwarf Fleet which is arriving in Armada. A Starter Fleet, Booster Fleet and Getting Started Bundle can be snapped up now ahead of a release at the end of January.

Dwarfs Starter Fleet - Armada

Dwarfs Starter Fleet // Armada

The Starter Fleet is your avenue into playing as these chugging and gun-laden ships in the Fantasy world of Pannithor. This set comes with a selection of resin ships including the Grimmstone, RuneAx and Thunderer.

If you want to bolster your Dwarf Fleet right out of the gate and introduce some more options when it comes to building your force then you can also take a peek at this Booster Fleet.

Dwarfs Booster Fleet - Armada

Dwarfs Booster Fleet // Armada

In this set, you get access to another RuneAx plus a Fury and two Hunters. All of these ships are seriously mighty looking vessels which seem like they can take a pounding. Why worry about the wind and the weather when you can use your engineering skill to force your way through the raging seas?

Both of these kits come with all the options you need to get going with these ships including their ship cards, bases, tokens and more. If you want to get everything Armada in order to play as the Dwarfs then you've also got this Getting Started Bundle.

Dwarfs Starter Bundle - Armada

Dwarfs Starter Bundle // Armada

Armada is ramping up in the next few months with another fleet for the Empire Of Dust. I am looking forward to the bigger ships and of course the fleets for the other factions in the world of Pannithor.

Are you tempted to snap up a Dwarf Fleet?

"Armada is ramping up in the next few months with another fleet for the Empire Of Dust..."

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