Forge Father Metal Upgrade Kits from Mantic

November 9, 2011 by brennon

In another blog post yesterday, and showing some love for the awesome Forge Fathers Mantic discussed a little about the future of the range and what to expect next from the Dwarfs in Spaaaaaaace...

Drakkarim 1

First off here is an image of the Drakkarim for the Forge Fathers. Rugged, mean looking and with beards intact these guys look the part as always.

Drakkarim Rocket Launcher WIP

And here is a quick look at one of the Drakkarim work in progress models, complete with rocket launcher heavy weapon.

Mantic also went into detail about upcoming metal projects for the Forge Fathers including an upgrade kit for the Steel Warriors which will include new sets of metal legs, BFG and heavy weapon options. The Iron Ancestor is also in the concept stage and will be released in 2012.

The Forge Fathers are going to be my army of choice come Warpath Launch...

But what about you guys, Marauder or Forge father? Maybe holding out for another race?

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