Mantic Games Tease More Fantasy & DreadBall Miniatures

December 10, 2012 by brennon

Mantic Games have a few more upcoming miniatures to show you from the world of Kings of War and indeed DreadBall. See what you think of this latest crop of Work-in-Progress sculpts...

Abyssal Golem


First up we have the sculpts for the Abyssal Golem and Werewolf above. On both it's a little hard to tell the detail due to the material but they are continuing this trend of solid sculpts with a nice amount of detail. I particularly like the Werewolf who looks like he is pounding some unfortunate elf into the ground.


On the DreadBall front we have a look at the MVP Nightshade who appears to be dodging an incoming swing. The Kickstarter goodies are certainly coming to fruition and I imagine those of you who pledged for these extra goodies will be waiting for them to appear in the post.

Of the three above, which is coming in as your favourite?

Let me know your thoughts on these below!

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