Mantic Open Day Ticket Giveaway!

November 4, 2011 by beerogre


Do you want to know more about Warpath? Will you be in or around Nottingham on the 12th of November?

Then you could be attending the Mantic Warpath Launch Party!

Captain Ronnie and his motley Mantic crew have given us 20 tickets to give away to the faithful Beasts of War viewers... but what do you have to do to get a ticket?

Simple... just post below that you want to attend and the first 20 fans to post:

"Damn Right... I'm Going on the Warpath!"

Will get a ticket left for them at the door, which we will confirm with you shortly after posting.

If you're wondering what cool stuff will be going on, there will be games of Warpath, as-well-as a Kings of War, but most interesting is the Secret Room... where there just might be...

  • Corporation Sculpts, concept art and army lists
  • Kings of War goblin sculpts
  • The future of Dwarf Kings' Hold

So, if you're in the neighbourhood and you fancy some gaming fun on a Saturday. Why not check it out.

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