Mantic’s Ruined Quadrant Terrain Goes Up For Pre-Order

June 3, 2014 by brennon

Mantic Games have been showing off, and for good reason, their awesome looking Ruined Terrain for use in Sci-Fi games. The big Ruined Quadrant Set is now available for pre-order and if you're quick you can get your hands on some extra sprues!

Ruined Quadrant


As you can see it looks pretty bloody awesome. With boards covered in this terrain you'll have something done and dusted in no time. Maybe even in preparation for something Warpath related later in the year? Either way any game set in the far future or indeed near-future would benefit from this awesome mix-and-match terrain.

Ruins Sprue #1

Ruins Sprue #2Considering what massive creations Warren and James managed to come up with, and Justin's Burger Shack of course, it's going to be ace just emptying this pile of sprues onto a table and going wild. I've done it in the past with cardboard terrain but this is going to look ten times better I reckon.

I like the idea of making a huge ruined and interconnected Hab-Complex of some kind. Huge towers linked by walkways giving the game a sense of height.

What do you think folks?

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