Mars Attacks Mantic!

May 20, 2013 by dracs

Exciting news to all you fans of cult retro style sci-fi as Mantic Games are teaming up with the Topps Company to create a new miniature wargame based around none other than the popular Mars Attacks franchise!

Mantic Mars Attack

Most people probably know Mars Attacks from the 1996 Tim Burton film, but that was based upon a popular trading card game of the same name which is produced by the Topps Company.

Mars Attack EBook Cover

Mantic will be able to draw upon the rich background and retro inspired art style of Mars Attacks and will be producing a range of miniatures as well as tabletop rules. This is Mantic's first licensed game and, with the successes of games like DreadBall and Warpath, I think that they are sure to do it justice.

The game should appear sometime next year, but hopefully we'll get a glimpse at some of the concepts beforehand.

Who else is excited by this prospect of planetary invasion? I am watching the film as I type.

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