New Kings Of War: Vanguard Solo Play Rules Available!

March 26, 2021 by brennon

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Mantic Games has published, alongside Chris Kellahan, a solo play scenario for those wanting to dive in and enjoy Kings Of War: Vanguard. This skirmish scrap features the ever-lovable Goblins of Pannithor who you'll have to best during your Fantasy adventures.

Goblins - Kings Of War Vanguard

Enter The Portal Scenario // Kings Of War: Vanguard

You can check out the scenario on the link above which features simple rules for governing what the Goblins do and also the full scenario for you to play out. You will need to have some Goblins to hand though, perhaps the new Goblin Regiment that Mantic released recently?

"Deep in the Halpi Mountains, your warband has stumbled across a shimmering portal that appears to connect to another realm. As you begin to explore this bizarre artefact, you hear shouts! You have been discovered by a party of goblins and their hunting pack of mawpups. You will have to fend off the attackers while attempting to get your warband safely through the magical opening."

The team at Mantic are eager for you to give the scenario a go and tell them how it plays for you. There is even the option to try and tweak this scenario to play it cooperatively as well. They did also say that if this goes down well then they might consider a full solo campaign!

Kings Of War: Vanguard is a great way to dive in and play games set within the world of Pannithor. As well as just being a great skirmish game it also allows you to get started with a faction and then slowly expand it for a full Kings Of War army.

Northern Alliance- Kings Of War Vanguard

Northern Alliance // Kings Of War: Vanguard

It helps that most of the miniatures look fantastic from Mantic. The Northern Alliance miniatures that you see are pretty much proof enough. Make sure to give the solo play scenario a go and let Mantic know if this is something you'd be interested in them expanding.

Are you already deep into Kings Of War: Vanguard?

"They did also say that if this goes down well then they might consider a full solo campaign!"

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