A New Undead Warband Haunts Kings Of War: Vanguard

August 19, 2019 by brennon

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The Undead are shuffling back into the world of Mantica and the realm of Pannithor with the introduction of a new warband for Kings Of War: Vanguard by Mantic Games.

Undead Warband - Mantic Games

The new warband features some familiar faces in terms of the zombies, skeletons and ghouls but you also get a new miniature leading the way. The Arkosaur Necromancer is looking very, very good indeed and an awesome new addition to the mix. I love the idea that it's not just old humans who end up summoning the dead!

Summon Reinforcements

As well as that core warband there to get you started, the team at Mantic has also been working on some additional options for you to look at too. We have the Undead Warband Booster for example with that awesome Vampire model in the mix and the epic Crypt Gouger. I love that model so much!

Undead Warband Booster - Mantic Games

This can then be developed further with the introduction of the Undead Reinforcement Pack which gives you two armoured zombies to throw into the front lines and also the skeleton archer/crossbowman.

Undead Reinforcement Pack - Mantic Games

This should help you create a really diverse set of undead fiends to throw at your friends. Unlike other armies they really have focused on making it look like the Undead have been drawn from lots of different places too, which is good to see in a Fantasy world.

You can then top things off with the introduction of the monstrous Goreblight!

Goreblight - Mantic Games

As the fluff says, sometimes Necromantic experiments go wrong. Well, why waste good bodies? This is what happens when a Necromancer mixes together all of those failed creations, a writhing mass of muscle, bone and anger. Wonderfully gory!

What do you make of the new Undead Warband for Vanguard?

"What do you make of the new Undead Warband for Vanguard?"

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