Orc Chariot & DreadBall Robot Previews From Mantic

December 12, 2012 by brennon

Continuing their look at upcoming models, Mantic Games have released images of their Orc Chariot and the Robot Team for DreadBall. Check them out below, I think the Robots will create quite a buzz...

Orc Chariot

Robot DreadBall Team

The Orc Chariot is certainly looking spiky and it will be cool to see the riders of it. I hope they will be some new miniatures and not just the old ones place atop it. I reckon an awesome Orc Chieftain should take a place of honour atop it!

The Robots have a little bit of the 'Geth' about them but the 3D renders are looking good. All of them appear to be in poses where they are smashing the opponent so it would be nice to have one with an open hand, receiving the ball.

How are these looking to you?

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