Terrifying Plague Monsters Unleashed Into Mantic’s Deadzone

August 16, 2022 by brennon

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Mantic Games has introduced a whole host of terrifying new Plague monstrosities into the mix for those playing both Deadzone and Firefight. If you're eager to snap up some more 28mm Sci-Fi horrors then why not start with a Plague Burster?

Plague Bursters - Deadzone

Plague Bursters // Deadzone

As you might have guessed by the name, the Plague Bursters are designed to wander forward into enemy lines and explode. If you're unfortunate enough to get caught in their steaming goo, you are guaranteed to become infected with something. You could make them pop from further away though! Just make sure that your troops have taken cover if they're nearby.

The next set of miniatures are the Plague Murderbirds. What a lovely name...

Murderbirds - Deadzone

Murderbirds // Deadzone

These terrible creations mean that nowhere is safe. If you're hanging out on the top of a tower and taking potshots at the enemy, these Murderbirds could still find you and peck your eyes out! They are controlled by some singular will and will flow together in great flocks before descending from on high.

Next up, we have a set of different Plague monstrosities that can be snapped up in resin and introduced into your rampaging skirmish forces. I wouldn't want to see one of these bursting through a wall!

Plague Lord - Deadzone

Plague Lord // Deadzone

Plague Teraton - Deadzone

Plague Teraton // Deadzone

Plague Sentinel - Deadzone

Plague Sentinel // Deadzone

All of these are looking excellent and are great upgrades to any Plague force. What's nice about these is that they would take really well to some of the new Speed and Contrast paints out there from The Army Painter and Games Workshop. You could do some interesting blending on these miniatures to mirror their warped existence. A bit of drybrushing and some Contrast paint and these would be looking good without much hassle!

The last of the Plague sets for the moment comes in the form of the Swarms that are going to be oozing out of every nook and cranny on the tabletop.

Plague Swarms - Deadzone

Plague Swarms // Deadzone

Every vermin in the city could be touched by the Plague's contagion and that means swarming masses of strange and twisted creatures nipping at your heels. Imagine these swarming over your base and working their way inside your environment suits!

A Might Marauder Warlord

Last but not least, we have something very different. Here we have a Marauder Warlord who is getting ready to kick ass and take names!

Marauder Warlord - Deadzone

Marauder Warlord // Deadzone

Armed with a fearsome-looking gun and a deadly set of claws, this fellow is going to be kicking ass in both close combat and at range. You can see that he has already done some significant damage to a Forge Father or two if that base is to be believed.

A solid new addition to the Marauders and a great way to add a new leader figure into your Deadzone or Firefight armies.

Are you going to be snapping some of these new miniatures up from Mantic?

"A bit of drybrushing and some Contrast paint and these would be looking good without much hassle!"

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