Start Asterian & Nightstalker Forces For Mantic Games’ Deadzone

July 8, 2024 by brennon

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Mantic Games is now taking pre-orders for a selection of new Starter Sets and more for those wanting to dive into their 28mm Sci-Fi skirmish game, Deadzone. You'll be able to scoop up miniatures for the Asterians, Matsudan and Nightstalkers.

Asterian Clade Warriors Starter - Deadzone

Asterian Clade Warriors Starter // Deadzone

Leading the way are the Asterians who are going to be sending their robots forth to do battle on their behalf. This Starter comes with a Cypher Prime as well as six regular Cyphers, five Marionettes and a Support Drone. You get a good mix of the core troops that you'd want for building a Deadzone team.

If you want to take things to the next level, you can also get yourself the Veterans Booster which offers up some more specialists for use in your Deadzone adventures.

Asterian Clade Veterans Booster - Deadzone

Asterian Clade Veterans Booster // Deadzone

This set offers resin additions to your Deadzone team. The Shuuvatar is an overseer, watching over proceedings, whilst they are flanked by the Black Talons who can swoop and soar around the battlefield.

If you'd prefer to throw aside the need for robotic allies, you can also pick up the Kalyshi for use with your Asterian Deadzone team.

Asterian Kalyshi Deathstrike Booster - Deadzone

Asterian Kalyshi Deathstrike Booster // Deadzone

This is another set of resin miniatures for your asterians armed with their bows and glaives. Their lighter armour means they are speedier and can use their still technologically advanced weapons to punch holes through tough armour from ambush. If you can't hear the shooting then you're more likely to get done up like a kipper as Gerry would say!

Matsudan Might

If you're looking to make a specifically Matsudan-focused Deadzone team then you can also get your hands on a Starter pack just for them.

Matsudan House Conclave Starter - Deadzone

Matsudan House Conclave Starter // Deadzone

This set features a mixture of both plastic and resin miniatures, led by the Matsudan Gyoji! He is backed up by the six new plastic Matsudan and you've also got the five Haniwa Marionettes. They also have access to a Support Drone for additional options on the tabletop.

If you want to toss aside all of the Asterians then you can also get your hands on the Matsudan Wanderers Booster which comes with some great miniatures.

Matsudan Wanderers Booster - Deadzone

Matsudan Wanderers Booster // Deadzone

This set hammers home the Samurai theme that you get with the Matsudan, especially with the addition of the Matsudan Ronin who looks super cool. I love the battered armour and the tattered cloak thrown over one shoulder, perhaps the banner of his now ruined former house. He is also joined by the Matsudan Grav Bike and the two Matsuyamori Bloodhounds

Last but not least for the Matsudan, you also have the clanking form of the Daidarabotchi.

Matsudan Daidarabotchi Booster - Deadzone

Matsudan Daidarabotchi Booster // Deadzone

Designed by the engineers of House Daida, the Daidarabotchi comes with a Shirudo Shield and Heavy Fission Beamer and can go head-to-head with a lot of the deadly foes that your enemies might throw at you. If you're looking to put the pain on your enemies in Deadzone then this might be the kit to pick up.

Nightstalker Nightmares

Finally, we also have sets for those playing as the Nightstalkers. These new nightmares have ripped their way into reality and are sowing chaos throughout the galaxy. The Asterians are taking the fight to them in Firefight and also within the skirmishes of Deadzone.

Nighstalkers Starter - Deadzone

Nightstalkers Starter // Deadzone

The Nightstalkers Starter comes with enough to make three Butchers/Ravagers as well as give Scarecrwos/Spectres. This gives you plenty of different ways to vary your squad and take what's needed for the foe you're fighting. This is then capped off by the Banshee.

The Incursion Booster for the Nightstalkers offers up more of these deadly creatures from your nightmares.

Nightmare Incursion Booster - Deadzone

Nightmare Incursion Booster // Deadzone

If the previous set of monsters hasn't killed you and stolen your soul, the five Reapers, three Luctus Void Rays and the Horror will do it. I love how utterly mad the Void Rays are and the Reapers are terrifying too. A solid set of miniatures for those looking to boost their Nightmare collection.

Last but not least, we have the specialists of your Nightstalkers force with the Interdimensional Horrors.

Interdimensional Horrors Booster - Deadzone

Interdimensional Horrors Booster // Deadzone

This set features both resin and PVC miniatures to add to the mixture of plastic and resin already available. You get the Dread Ravager set alongside a resin Mind Screech. There is also a PVC Fleshripper Butcher who is going to carve you into little pieces.

All of these new sets for Deadzone are available right now from Mantic Games plus you can get some additional bits and bobs too.

Could you be tempted by one of these sets as a starting point for Deadzone?

"Could you be tempted by one of these sets as a starting point for Deadzone?"

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