Mantic’s TerrainCrate Kickstarter Begins!

April 26, 2017 by brennon

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Mantic Games has now launched their Kickstarter for TerrainCrate which is looking to bring different sets of pre-coloured and pre-built terrain to the tabletop for your dungeon crawling, skirmish games and mass battle encounters.


Mantic has had lots of success with plastic terrain over the last year or so as they added loads of terrain pieces into Dungeon Saga and of course The Walking Dead: All Out War over the past few months. Now they are taking things to the next level to give you more terrain for different situations.

Example of Dungeon Terrain #1

Here you can see some fully painted examples of what you'll be getting when you crack open a TerrainCrate. Each piece has been designed so that it will fit into a myriad of different Fantasy worlds right now but they are looking to expand upon this in the future too.

Example of Dungeon Terrain #2

Additional pieces are hoped to be unlocked through the growing campaign and it will help add to your burgeoning collection. Terrain really can make the difference when it comes to building up a tabletop, especially for a role-playing game, and works with the narrative.

Which Crate To Choose?

So, how do these crates break down? Well, you can choose from one of three starting with the Dungeon Crate...

This includes all manner of things you'd find down in a dungeon including treasure and parts of an abandoned mine. Mix into that some focal points like the wizard's contraption and the ancient armour piles and you have some really characterful pieces to draw on.

You could also go for the Battlefield Crate...

Here you will get the pieces you need to build a ruined battlefield, destroyed and ransacked by marauding armies across the land. I particularly like the little camp site set you can pick up which might be useful when you're setting up some kind of ambush.

Of course, you don't need to use this for a battlefield as it could simply be the wild woods and lanes you're travelling through on a role-playing adventure.

Lastly (for now at least) we have the Town Crate which is for all those times when you need rest and relaxation (and a bit of skullduggery).

When mixed in with some other terrain pieces you could create a tavern, a barracks, a blacksmiths and more. I love the idea of using these in Conan to help build up a really interactive looking brawl on the tabletop.

One of these crates is $75 which seems reasonable for a massive pack of scenery to furnish your tabletops with. Considering we're now seeing gaming mats and tiles become more of a thing PLUS the advent of pre-coloured scenery and terrain pieces, it's pretty easy to set up a tabletop nowadays.

The narration for the trailer was actually by our very own community member @deaddave!

Which crate will you be going for?

"Mix into that some focal points like the wizard's contraption and the ancient armour piles and you have some really characterful pieces to draw on..."

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