Cube Dueling Marvel Dice Masters Out Very Soon!

April 26, 2014 by brennon

WizKids latest game to come to market, Marvel Dice Masters, has been going down a storm in America over the last couple of days and it's already sold out in a lot of places with a reprint having to be ordered. Over in the UK we're getting it around the middle of next week so watch out for it at your local store...

Dice Masters

Dice Masters Playmats

The main starter game is the one you can see above and pits the Avengers against the X-Men although there is no reason for you to stick to that and you can deck/dice build to customise your team in a variety of ways much like a traditional card game. However, the big mechanic in this game is the dice that are drawn out each turn like in Quarriors!



My friends have been going mad about this for weeks now and the store I usually play games at is essentially going to explode when it launches. Twin the Marvel heroes with a neat dice building mechanic for the game AND a very cheap booster buy at around £1 for a few extra dice and a card and you have a game that could very well be the next big thing on the market.

I don't imagine it's going to shift Magic any time soon but it should be a real winner with people.

Have you played this yet?

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