The Uncanny X-Men Up Next For Marvel Dice Masters

May 22, 2014 by brennon

Following on from the insane success of Marvel Dice Masters: Avengers Vs X-Men WizKids are going to be turning to the mutants of the Uncanny X-Men for their next expansion to the game...

Uncanny X-Men Dice Masters

Uncanny Dice Mock-Up

Above is a mock-up of some of the dice that might appear in the new starter set for the X-Men cycle. It looks like we're going to get a cool selection of heroes and villains which means you can make some awesome themed forces for the game. There are already some very broken combinations in the game but I think the real charm comes in making up a force to fit a theme.

I'm personally interested in making an effective X-Men force, an Avengers one, and a miscreant set which contains folk like Venom, Deadpool and Punisher for some quirky results.

Have you been playing this insanely hot game?

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