WizKids Look To Steal Your Wallet With Marvel Dice Masters

March 21, 2014 by brennon

WizKids are essentially looking to drain your bank account dry (little by little) with the coming of Marvel Dice Masters. This is a game that has tweaked the Quarriors! format and now brings you a collectable dice game where you take on the roles of epic Marvel heroes like the X-Men and Avengers.

Avengers Vs X-Men Marvel Dice Masters

The game plays much like Quarriors! where you dig around for dice and then roll them to see what powers are on offer however it also makes things a lot more dynamic with attacks and card effects all blasting your opponent to bring down their health bar.


Two Player Versus


The game itself is going to be in a collectable format where you will buy boosters. Each booster comes with additional random dice and cards allowing you to build your teams. Thankfully each booster isn't going to be that expensive from what I've heard, so it should be fun to see how this takes off.


I know that from discussions last night at my local gaming store this has got  lot of people very, very excited. I imagine this is going to explode, making a good connection between Marvel superheroes and the collectable fun of dice.

I've included a tutorial from Watch It Played above!

Does this sound like the game for you?

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