Wonderlands Project Bring Mauser Earth To Kickstarter

July 18, 2016 by brennon

The world of Mauser Earth is NOT dead. Wonderlands Projects are bringing it back to the tabletop with their new Skirmish Game as you fight the War For Paris...

Mauser Earth

Using 1:35 scale models you will be delving into a world of Dieselpunk violence with the backdrop of Paris as your battlefield. During 1938 another conflict brews...

"There are no longer men who walks the battlefields, but robots and hybrids. But, the most brutal battle of this war take place in the bloody streets of Paris.

The Railroad World Company has taken control of every corner of the country, and Paris has become the very nerve center of the company. Strong leaders are fighting for Paris as it is a highly important strategic point in the war. The conflict escalates to a point of no return. A horrific toxic gas now unfortunately covers the whole of France.

To be able to survive, cities have developed sophisticated "domes" to save themselves from the gas, and Paris is no exception! As a result of these “domes”, the city of Paris has been separated into different independent districts."

This campaign is aiming to bring this 5omm skirmish game back to the tabletop with a number of different Starter Sets for the various factions within this world.

Atlantic Alliance Starter

Each set comes with a handful of miniatures as well as their character cards and a small rulebook. As a game it plays with two people but they are going to be working on making it playable with more friends.

Reich Starter

Theosoviet Starter

As well as the three Starter Sets you see here for the game they are also working on the Pacific Empire seen below...

Pacific Empire

...and they have plans to add more and things progress. This means additional units and characters for the different factions and more. You can find out more about their plans and see some of their concept art for future models on the links above.

Will you be heading back to Mauser Earth?

"As well as the three Starter Sets you see here for the game they are also working on the Pacific Empire..."

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