Wonderlands’ Mauser Earth Project Back On Kickstarter

February 16, 2017 by brennon

The Wonderlands Project team are back on Kickstarter looking to bring their Mauser Earth: War For Paris game to the tabletop. The game features 54mm scale Pulpy Steampunk models which look fantastic...

Mauser Earth

The game features four factions at present with three of them fully detailed already. The fourth, the Pacific Empire, are still in the works with concept art and a few models taking shape.

Atlantic Alliance

The Atlantic Alliance feature some of Lloyd and Justin's favourite models, those being the big clanking robots with such a wonderful design aesthetic to them. They have an edge of the Sci-Fi about them which is neat.

The Reich have taken the strange and weird German look from World War II and added their own spin. Yes, we still have the freaky scientists but some strange creations like their Weredogs and the mutated soldiers.


Possibly my favourite factions are the TheoSoviets...


They have a rather awesome look to them and I like that the faction contains more female characters. The Pacific Empire are shaping up nicely as mentioned above and here's a look at the concept art for them...

Pacific Empire

You can find out more about their progress and the game mechanics themselves over on the Kickstarter page linked above. There's a full rundown of the way it all comes together on the battlefield.

Do you think the 54mm scale is still a problem?

"The Atlantic Alliance feature some of Lloyd and Justin's favourite models..."

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