A Green Alliance Goblin Lends His Face for a MaxMini Bust

February 11, 2015 by dracs

MaxMini have produced a new bust on their 3D printer; the beautiful features of a Green Alliance goblin.

Green Alliance Bust

MaxMini have said that this bust will be available soon and that it was intended to bring a bit of Green Alliance goodness to those who were unfortunate enough to miss the Kickstarter, but still hanker for some WWII American style greenskins.

All things considered, this 3D print is very impressive in terms of quality and detail. It's a very clean sculpt, with every wart, wrinkle and ear nick clearly picked out. This makes this bust the perfect painting project for anyone looking to show off their skills with green paint.

Do you collect busts like these for painting? What did you think of MaxMini's Green Alliance sculpts?

"Every wart, wrinkle and ear nick is clearly picked out."

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