MaxMini Raise Shields and Poll for Heads

July 20, 2012 by brennon

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There is a veritable barracks worth of chaos weaponry appearing on the internet at the moment from the likes of Puppets War and of course MaxMini too. Check out the final painted versions of their Chaos Shields...

MaxMini Chaos Shields

Very evil looking, and with just the right ounce of Cthulhu on one of them. I personally like the one on the far right the best. Something about it shouts "Epic Shield of the Gods!".

MaxMini Alternate Heads

As well as this MaxMini are holding a Poll on their Facebook Page for which of their new heads you want to see from them next. This is the second lot but you can see the complete collection on the page.

How are you liking those shields and indeed which of the heads is your favourite?

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